Our Philosophy

No significant learning occurs without a significant relationship.

The Beachwood Way

At its foundation, Beachwood celebrates the great potential of children, the significance of family engagement, the value of experienced educators and our responsibility to the world we live in and splendour it provides.

Our Children

We view all children as capable, curious and full of potential, believing children are naturally motivated to learn about the world around them. Each child is encouraged and supported to express their ideas, creativity and perceptions as we believe that children become active participants in their own learning when their thoughts and ideas are valued.

Our Families

‘Our place, your place’. Beachwood is an environment for families, educators and children to unite around shared visions, nurturing children to be happy, confident and the best they can be. At Beachwood, families are not only welcome and valued, but recognised as their child’s first teacher and best advocate.

Our Curriculum

Through our positive education model, thoughtfully planned environments and ‘Beach to Bush’ kinder program we nourish children’s spirt of enquiry and provide learning opportunities beyond the classroom, to the wider community and world in which we live. Our environments promote opportunities for children to play in peer groups, where they are supported to test ideas, extend and challenge thier own and each other’s thinking, develop new understandings, and become effective communicators. Through play children develop empathy, consideration, and an understanding of complex social rules. Learn more about our curriculum.

Our Team

We recognise we are nothing without our team; they are our most precious and valuable resource. The vision of Beachwood is shared across our team. We are dedicated to nurturing a collaborative culture where each and every one of our team members are appreciated.

We celebrate their specialised knowledge, talents and ideas and are committed to investing in their passions and development.

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